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Frozen At Sea
Take One Factory Vessel Crew of 30
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Take 2
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Take 3
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Take 4

Spanning 53 Meters (174 feet) with a crew of 30, each Factory Vessel [ F/V ]  fishes and processes at sea  24/7.   Crab are cleaned, cooked and frozen at sea within 4 hours of catch.  

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Processing 1 Processing 2 Processing 2

Aboard each vessel, in addition to the crew, are both staff and government biologists.  Their job ~  to safeguard the resource and assure that by-catch is not occurring.   In that fishing is done by “Quota” vs. “Olympic” style fishing - - there is no rush to fish and hence the only catch is the “target [crab] species”.

In addition the biologists conduct population studies, the year around, which help the government to scientifically manage the resources more accurately than many commercial fisheries elsewhere in the world.
Whole Legs & Claws Premium Split King Crab Crab Meat Frozen
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King Crab
Fancy Meat
Frozen Vac Pac (top image) Thawed (bottom image)
Whole Legs
WC ptn Pre-Cracked Crab
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Butterfly Split

Legs and Claws

Window Cut

Legs and Claws

King Crab Legs and Claws King Crab, like chicken and beef, is composed of various parts

NOVA Fisheries cuts each part in a variety of ways and
combines these to create unique plate presentations

To meet your culinary style and budget

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